Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)

What is a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)?

A PSPS temporarily shuts off power lines during extreme fire risk weather conditions to help prevent wildfires from starting. It is a measure of last resort to keep you and your community safe.

When a PSPS is possible, operations teams will determine the highest risk power lines in each area and take steps to ensure that the fewest number of customers are impacted by a power outage.

PSE will communicate with impacted customers in advance of and during a PSPS.

We will only restore power when it is safe to do so – after the weather has passed and crews can inspect the impacted power lines and make any needed repairs.

This could take several days if damaging winds occur, and we want you to be prepared.

What to expect

PSE will provide notifications and updates about potential and current power shutoffs through several channels.

Goal: 2 days notice before a PSPS outage

Automated call, text, and email updates, based on your account preferences

Medical Life Support customers receive enhanced communications

Keep up-to-date at pse. com/outagemap, with or without an account!

If you have a medical device that relies on electricity, please contact PSE Customer Care at 1-888-225-5773 to learn the steps for adding Medical Life Support status to your account.

Make sure your PSE account contact information is up-to-date so we can alert you if there’s a PSPS in your area.

Restoration after PSPS

Weather “all clear”: Crews begin line patrols and inspections once the high risk weather conditions have passed.

Patrol and inspect: Crews visually inspect for potential weather-related damage to lines, poles and other equipment.

Estimated Time of Restoration (ETRs)

  • As our field teams gain boots on-the-ground visibility, we add and update ETRs on the outage map.
  • The time required to establish ETRs varies based on field conditions, the severity of the weather event, and how many line miles need to be patrolled.

Isolate and repair damage: Crews work to isolate the damaged areas from the rest of the system and repair damage.

Restore power: Once repairs have been made, and it is safe to do so, PSE will restore power to customers.